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How Does a Top Loading Washing Machine Work?

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There are two major types of washing machines: top loading units and front-loading units. The major difference between them is the position of the motor, tubs, and other components. In this article, we will concentrate on top-loading units and describe briefly how they work. This information will not only help you understand the unit better but also when to call an appliance repair service should the need arise. Read on to find out more.

Wash cycle and spin cycle

The majority of top-loading units in the market today come with inner tubs with several holes. These holes allow water to reach the outer tub where it stays temporarily until it is pumped out later. A flexible finned agitator is placed centrally in the inner tub which, together with the force coming from the motor, churns the clothes.

A powerful motor which is fitted on the unit moves the agitator in the wash cycle. The force spins the inner tub to squeeze water out of the clothes. The centrifugal force sends the water through the outer tub holes. During the spin cycle, another electric motor turns on to remove the water from the outer tub and send it down the drain.

Valves, timers, and switches

The fill valves deliver either cold or hot water to the washing machine. The work of a timer switch is to run the whole show during the wash or spin cycle. The “Start” switch is used to start the machine. There may be additional switches to control water temperature, spin speed, special fabric settings and other preferences.

As stated above, knowing how your washing machine unit works will help you understand the unit better and when to call an appliance repair service should the need arise.

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